Lat:3657'50" Long:7617'17"

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A typical 5.0 day at Willoughby

When the winter and spring winds blow Southwest sometimes Willoughby is the only place that has enough wind to be sailable. It's a very popular spot because of it's large sheltered expanse. It's similar to Mill Creek but larger and it's not muddy. It is deeper however, with the exception of the sandbar, that can supply ankle deep water at times. The rigging area is one of the worst, being either sand or pavement (see blue in the photo at the bottom) but there is a small patch of grass a short walk away across the lot. There are two launches. One shown above and one across the lot shown below.

There are a couple of porta potties during the off season and a regular public restroom in-season (maybe) with a water fountain that puts out fresh water. It's not cold but it's fresh. There is a small beach across the bay so if you make the 1-1/4 mile sail across you can get a drink at one of the machines there unless you end up at the shore of the Navy base where you will get a not-so-nice personal escort away from the area. Best winds are Southeast to West with the Southwest thermals really kicking in the spring when the winds are detached from the water's surface everywhere else.

Best winds are Southeast clockwise to West.

Directions: Take I-64 West to the last exit before the Hampton Roads Bridge-tunnel (exit 272) and turn right onto ocean View Boulevard then right at the flashing light. Turn left into the parking area just past the interstate underpass into the parking lot at the boat ramp.

From I-64 East, take the first exit after coming off the bridge and turn right. Turn left and follow to the sharp curve. Turn right into the parking lot at the boat ramp.

Good Points:Sheltered, flat water, practically no current, sometimes more wind than anywhere else, porta potties, telephone

Bad Points:Poor rigging areas, only one mile across, the bridge-tunnel traffic can leave you stuck there occasionally

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