Tidewater Community College

Lat:3654'16" Long:7625'56"

Beginner to advanced

Tidewater Community College offers a North-facing beach to those on the Porthmouth and Chesapeake areas as well as those on the Peninsula because of its proximity to the Monitor Merrimac bridge-tunnel. It offers plenty of grassy rigging however the launch is muddy and you'll have to watch for debris that has washed up. The waters are shallow so no long fins here. But no shore break and little current so anyone can sail here.

Best winds are West clockwise to Northeast. The closest iWindsurf sensor (MMMBT) is located on the South island of the Monitor-Merrimack Memorial bridge-tunnel.


Take I-64 to the Monitor Merrimac bridge-tunnel. More directions coming soon.

Good points:

Convenient to Portsmouth and Chesapeake and Peninsula, grassy rigging, lot of parking, shallow water.

Bad Points:

Muddy launch with washed up debris and broken up concrete and other rip rap, can be too shallow at times, no access to food or bathrooms.

Directions: Take I-664 to the College Drive exit and follow to the end of the road which will end at Tidewater COmmunity College in about a half mile.

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