Ocean View

Lat:3757' Long:7615'

Intermediate to advanced

There are many launches in the Ocean View area of Norfolk, overlooking the South shore of the Chesapeake Bay. They provide great alternatives to those on the Peninsula looking for an open-water launch for North winds when it goes too far offshore at Buckroe. Some have planty of parking and access while others are rather limited.

There are several small parks with paved parking ranging from adequate to large. Rigging is somewhat sheltered from the wind by the high shore line and most launches have at least some grass. The majority of Ocean View faces open water so the shorebreak can get nasty in higher winds.

The bottom is sandy and clean as are the beaches. The largest of the parks is directly across the street from a variety of shopping and food. There are also bathrooms at these parks. Best winds are Northwest clockwise to East.


Take I-64 to the Willoughby exit. (first exit off the bridge-tunnel when heading East) Turn left at the yield sign and proceed to the curve and past Willoughby boat ramp. At the flashing yellow light, turn left for a couple of launches close to the Hampton Roads bridge-tunnel or right for the majority of the other launches. Almost every cross street along Ocean View Avenue provides some sort of public beach access.

Good points:

Convenient to Willoughby and Day's Inn when the winds turn North, some have nice paved parking lots, clean sandy beaches, bathrooms on-site, food nearby.

Bad Points:

Shorebreak can get big and groins/jettys are fairly close together Some launches have limited parking and amenities.

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