Virginia Beach Oceanfront


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24th Street Old Coast Guard Station

Avalon Pier

7th Street Mahi Mah's

The Virginia Beach ocean front offers various conditions for winds North to Southeast depending on where you launch from. Various coments from those who have sailed here are listed below:

At the beach area at the south end of VA Beach boardwalk, there's a nice pay parking lot $5.00 for the day and grassy rigging right there between the lot and the boardwalk. The launch is alongside the jetty for the Rudee Inlet and in the summer time the traffic is very heavy on the water--numerous surfers, jetskis, large powerboats going fast, tour boats, parasailing boats, etc. all going in and out of the inlet, so it really requires skill and luck to stay alive. Best conditions are south wind--if it's southwest you're sheltered by the wind shadow from buildings and have to get offshore a bit to get steady air.

Reasonable public parking with areas to rig on grass can be found at 45th, 48th, 49th, 52nd, and 54th Streets. Depending upon the time of the year, parking can be very limited, so read all parking sign carefully. You can park and launch from most streets but grassy rigging areas are few.

John Atkinson's oldest son and Kenny Todd live on 54th Street, and may show up depending on the day. Generally any wind with some north and south will work. It can be a real problem to launch through the surf when it's directly from the east.


Take I-64 to 264 East (Virginia Beach-Norfolk Expressway) to Virginia Beach. Go almost to the end to Pacific Avenue and turn right for the South beaches. Go to the next block to Atlantic Avenue for the North Beaches.

Good Points

Some wave sailing possible. Lot's of food in the area. Various launches available

Bad Points

Parking and traffic can be a problem. Heavy water traffic at the south end. Heavy shore break and rip currents possible.

Satellite image of the Virginia Beach ocean front. North is to the right.

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