Glenn Woodell

I am a research technician with NASA/ Langley Research Center's Advanced Image Processing team after spending several years with Microgravity Sciences. Drop me a note at work.

So what do I do when I'm not working during the day? I'm usually checking the local winds, waiting for the right moment to hit the proper launch site to go windsurfing. In addition to shredding with my buddies at my usual local spots, I'm often found with at least two cameras weighting me down. I've been shooting photos for a number of years and since I started windsurfing in '94 I've decided to combine my two loves into one. So now I travel all over the globe (he's lyin'), windsurfing (when I can afford it) and shooting photos and writing articles for a few publications (when they'll print my work), all the while still trying to pull off two jibes in a row without falling. I have been a member of the Windsurfing Enthusiasts of Tidewater WET since I started this addiction and although I do not race, I help out with photos, artwork, registration, or play wind dummy.

In addition to my windsurfing photography, I also like to shoot other subjects so check out my gallery. I am also collaborating with local poet and NASA colleague, Dan Jobson, on a couple of books that are still awaiting publication. These works combine the visual impact of the photo with the deeper interpretation offered by the written word.

And when the weather's nice but there's no wind I might be found cruising in my old muscle car.

I live in Newport News, Virginia with my daughter Kaitlyn.

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