The space shuttle provides a wonderful platform for viewing the earth from space. While many people may be under the impression that the shuttle flies at an altitude of thousands of miles, in reality it orbits at an altitude of 120 to 200 miles. The following images, most of which were taken from the orbiter, were taken from an average altitude of about 140 miles.

This first image was taken as the orbiter made its way across North America from west to east looking back over the coast to the NW. From the south to the north are the obvious Cape Lookout and Cape Hatteras, while the Chesapeake Bay and the Hampton Roads area are under some cloud cover.

Note the mild outwash of sediment around each of the capes, and Hatteras Inlet, and the large outwash through Oregon Inlet. The large mouth of the Chesapeake Bay makes the sediment outwash less concentrated. Also notice how shallow the Pamlico and Albemarle sounds are.

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