In the following images you will be transformed into the world of windsurfing. If you are a windsurfer you already appreciate the oneness with nature and the phycical and mental challenges required of this sport. If you have never had a taste of this sport, these images will give you a glimpse of what it is like to be on the water and powered totally by nature, and at her control.

These images illustrate what it is like to have progressed beyond the earliest days of the sport and to have made it to the point where the body is able to work in harmony with the wind rather than against it.

I hope you enjoy this taste of what windsurfing is really like. Most of these images show windsurfing during the high winds that most of us live for. But there are also some which show the tranquility of the sport. Whatever you preference in windsurfing, whether it be 6 knot summer breezes or 35 knot nor'easters, I hope you will enjoy these images as they capture some of the many aspects of this sport. In actuality, for some of us, windsurfing is not a sport but a way of life.

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