Days Inn

Lat:3657'54" Long:7617'56"

Intermediate to advanced

This launch is currently inaccessible. The property is being developed for luxury condos. At this time, we do not know what the future accessibility, if any, will be. The iWindsurf sensor has been relocated to Messick Point

Day's Inn after WET members removed the pilings seen in the picture below.

Russ Rausch on an October 5.0 northwester.

This is a popular launch for Northwest to Southwest winds (see the blue spot in the photo below). It is a small stretch of beach on the grounds of Day's Inn which hosts our Willoughby iWindsurf site. It can be tricky on an out-going tide as several of us have been swept under the I-64 bridge. (Not me of course. I choose to get swept onto the bridge-tunnel island instead because I like getting a ride back to the launch in a bright orange VDOT courtesy van.) On a solid Northwest wind you can sail across the harbor to Strawberry Banks, about a 3 mile sail. You may find some sand spurs here so booties or at least sandles are recommended for getting down to the sand.

Directions: Take I-64 West to the last exit before the Hampton Roads Bridge-tunnel (exit 272) and turn right onto ocean View Boulevard then right at the flashing light. Continue past the boat ramp to the end and you will see Day's inn to your left. Pull through the entrance as if you were registering for a room and drive around to the back side of Day's Inn.

From I-64 East, take the first exit after coming off the bridge (exit 272) and turn right. You will see Day's Inn at the end to your left. Continue as above.

Good points:Excellent long distance site for sailing across the harbor. Good bump and jump site. Lodging for out of towners (888-530-979 for reservations).

Bad points:Sand spurs; very close to I-64 bridge; more sand spurs; get's deep very quickly; even more sand spurs.

Don't get caught near the bridge on an outgoing tide!

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