Chick's Beach

Lat:3654'36" Long:7605'14"

Intermediate to advanced

Current views

Chicks Beach is a popular spot for the Southside sailors and those of us on the Peninsula looking for a good spot when the winds go too West for Buckroe. It can be a tricky launch because of the strong currents passing through Lynnhaven Inlet. Near shore the water is pretty shallow with several shoals that provide some nice rideable waves. There is quite a bit of boat traffic that passes through the inlet so watch out while sailing here. The pilot boats that head out to meet the incoming ships come out pretty quickly even in high winds when you are not expecting any boat traffic. The current can sweep you under the bridge or along the beach toward the open bay even if you are in shallow water. It can be like a washing machine at times so it is best to be powered up when sailing here.

Rick Koehler along the shore on a NW wind

The parking and rigging area is paved and is roomy. Typically you can park within 100 yards of the water but beware of the high winds that pass over the dunes and next to the high rise. It can be 5.5. on the water but 4.0 in the rigging area! The launch is pretty clean and booties are not required. Best wind directions are Northwest to Northeast.


Chick's Beach is a few miles east of Route 13 at the first exit over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel. Exit onto Route 60 East (Shore Drive) and continue about 1.5 miles to the Lesner Bridge over Lynnhaven Inlet. Turn left at the first light and bear left to the end. The sailing site is located adjacent to the Duck-In Restuarant on the east side of the Lynnhaven Inlet. The closest iWindsurf sensors are located to the East on the Lynnhaven fishing pier and to the North at the first island of the Chesapeake Bay bridge-tunnel.

Good points:

Good wave sailing, decent parking (blue), clean sandy beach, shallow water near shore

Bad Points:

Strong current, sometimes heavy boat traffic, rigging is over paved parking lot


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