Hatteras Windsurfing Launches - Transformers

Beginner to Advanced

Transformers refers to the transformers on the side of the road which used to mark this spot. It's the first jeep trail north of the Windsurfing Hatteras store at Mile post 53 and 54. Sailing is best on SW, W, NW, N, & NE winds. This is a great launch for access to the reef on N and NW winds. 4WD is suggested to get to the water's edge but it is not required.

Very close to shops and food. You might see a few jetskis to the south and some kites to the north. There is a small deep spot just off the beach and the sand bars are quite bad at low tide. Otherwise this is a great spot to sail.

View of the sandy road entrance off of 12, just north of Avon, after the 'Reduced Speed Ahead' sign.

4WD is not necessary.

The sand is packed pretty hard except at the water's edge. That's Island Creek in the background.


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