Hatteras Kite Launches

The following map pinpoints the kite launches of the North Carolina Outer Banks area. Hold your mouse over a launch for detailed information. Area windsurfing launches can be found here. Some of the site descriptions were taken from the Spring 2001 edition of Windsport Kiteboard's Cape Hatteras Guide because I'm not a kiter.

Jockeys Ridge - Nice soundside launch. Turn right immediately after the big sand dune across from Kitty Hawk Sports. At the end of the street, turn right into the parking lot. Just be out by sunset or your car will spend the night behind the locked gate. Windmill Point - Exchange the weeds for the jetskis and kites here. Somewhat muddy and the small islands can get in the way but otherwise a great spot for sailing across the to the other side. Launch right behind Kitty Hawk Sports. Good in S, SW, NW, N winds. Lots of food nearby. Hatteras Island Sail Shop - In Waves, across from Top Dog. This site used to be a windsurfing launch ut it now appears to be primarily a kiting launch. Great rigging area and nice sandy beach. Watch out for sand spurs in the grass by the driveway however. Summer thermals can rock here under SW winds and clear skies. Power lines near the lawn so launch near the beach. Best winds are S, SW, N, and NW. Salvo Day Use Area - Just south of Salvo. Nice grassy areas for rigging and other activities. Sailing best on S, SW, N, NW, and NE winds. No crowds here. Chimichanga House - North of Avon on the sound side. Actually the Chicamicominco Life Saving Station. Good landmark to finish downwinders. Look for the only house nort hof Avon. Long walk out to the road with lots of mosquitos. Great teaching spot.  Picturesque. Best winds, S, SW, N, NW. Three Dirt Roads. 1st jeep trails north of the Windsurfing Hatteras store. Mile post 53 and 54. Sailing best on SW, W, NW, N, & NE winds. Great launch for access to the reef on N and NW winds. 4WD sometimes required since sand can be soft and there may be deep holes filled with water. Sailing best on S, SW, N, NW, & NE winds. Island Creek - Great launch for access to the reef on N and NW winds but lots of windsurfers here. Launch behind Windsurfing Hatteras, especially if you know someone renting one of the many houses behind here. Sailing best on SW, N, and NW winds. Canadian Hole North - Accessible by 4WD trail or by walking north from the Canadian Hole parking lot. Godo for beginners. A short downwinder to the first beach in Avon, Askins Creek, behind the BP station. Good in S, SW, NW, or N winds. Lots of bushes here so be careful with your kite. Kite Point - The original kite spot. A couple hundred yards south of the Canadian Hole. 4WD needed to get here or 2WD and a short walk. Good distance frompower lines. Good in S to N winds but W is weak and makes it hard to get off the shore. An y east makes it shifty and gusty. Watch out for S winds or you will end up drifting into teh windsurfing crowd. There are a couple of submerged, barnacle-covered objects on the north side of the point. At most tides they are visible. Power lines are far but reachable so be careful. Sometimes there are fishermen. Soundside Restaurant in Buxton - Good in W, NW, E, and NE winds. Watch out for submerged barrels along teh water's edge (erosion control) and fishnets to the west. Good spot when north side of island is onshore or offshore. Frisco Woods Campground - Nice campground but sometimes crowded with windsurfers. You can camp right on the beach. Small charge for launching is you are not camping here. Nice showers and bathrooms. Sailing best on W, NW, NE, and ENE winds. Good launch for a downwinder in NE or E winds. Finish at the west end of Frisco, or at parking lot just before Hatteras Village. Power Point - Hatteras Inlet soundside. Named Power Point because of a burried power cable at one of the launches. These sites provide a boost of current when sites to the north are too weak. Also provide lighter SW conditions when others are too windy. There are several launches on the sound side of the sand road that leads to Hatteras Inlet. 4WD required. Follow the paths to the water . Check each spot for diffrent conditions and different angles. Locals often hit this spot onlight northeasters with an incoming tide or WSW or W with and outgoing tide. Beware of boat traffic. Good in SW, W, NW, NE, ENE winds. Frisco Pier beaches - Good in SW, W, E, ESE winds. Classic downwinders. 2WD access at the pier., Beach Bathhouse, Hatteras Turnou, Hatteras Village. 4WD behind airport and off Hatteras Inlet Access Road. Watch out for the pier. The Cove - Good in E, ESE, SE winds. Great waveriding potential. 4WD only. Wind strength can vary in these directions. Torrential rain is also a possibility. Can be a long wait for the right conditions but it will be worth it. Lots of fishermen here.

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