Hatteras Windsurfing Launches - Cape Point

Advanced to Expert

Cape Point is that elbow of land that sticks so far out into the Atlantic. To get here requires a 4WD vehicle and then it can be a challenge. Take the road to the campground in Buxton and follow the signs but go past the campground and take beach ramp 44 straight out to the beach.

Three sites here:

The Pond - lies to the right of the access road. Good flat water speed sailing on winds from any direction, but S is best. At one point it was roped off for bird breeding so access here may be seasonal or subject to change.

Northside - launch point is about mile north of Cape Hatteras. Sailing best on S, and SW winds but N, NE is OK. Watch out for shoals offshore, strong currents, and fishermen.

Southside Cove - launch mile west of the Point. Sailing best on E, and SE winds, but W, and NW can be OK. Usually good wave riding.

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