Hatteras Windsurfing Launches - Canadian Hole

Beginner to Intermediate

The Canadian Hole is the most popular spot for windsurfing on the outer banks. It was recently renamed as a day use area but it is still traditionally known as the Canadian Hole. Come in the spring and fall and you'll see why. The parking lot will be filled with surfmobiles posting license plates from Quebec.

This is the view of the Canadian Hole from the top of the dune across the street at Ego Beach. Click on the picture for a much larger version.

At "The Hole" you will find a large paved parking lot and hard packed sand to the south. You must rig in the sand or on the pavement however because the grassy areas are off limits by the park service to allow regrowth of the vegetation. Enclosed bathrooms potties/changing rooms and a nice shower have been recently added. Watch out for sand bars to the north and the south, especially when the winds are out of the west. Also watch out for the deep area right in the center which is namesake of this launch. There are usually kiters to the south at Kite Point and some to the north but they usually stay to their own. Occasionally, one or two will drift downwind into the windsurfing area.

Nice, large bathrooms, changing rooms, and showers are located at the north end.

Looking southwest from the dunes of Ego Beach, toward Kite Point.

The Canadian Hole is a great spot for both sound and ocean sailing since Ego Beach is right across the street and is an easy carry. But watch out because Ego Beach can have some of the nastiest shore break anywhere on the island. Sailing is best on S, SW, N, NW, & NE winds. You can reach the south end of the reef from here on a NE wind but it is a long ride.

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