Hatteras Windsurfing Launches - Dr. Bob's

Beginner to Intermediate

Dr. Bob's refers to the home of Doctor Bob Rowland, one of our wonderful local sailors from the Tidewater Virginia area. This launch is not exactly a public launch so when the Rowland's are not there in Rodanthe, it is only open to personal friends and active members of WET. Those who know Bob or have been invited by somone who knows him are welcome to join him while he is there.

To get here, take the first real road to the right after entering Rodanthe from the north. This will be Corbina Drive and is right where the Midgett Realty building is located. See the photo above. Just come to the end of the street and Bob's house is on the water, to the left.

The water is quite shallow. On windy days in all seasons except winter, you can expect to find Tidewater sailors joining up here. Anytme there are more than 15 people on the water here, it is referred to as a Rodanthefest.

Sailing is best on S, SW, N, NW, & NE winds. Look for this to be the windiest spot on the entire outer banks when the warm SW winds blow from late spring into early fall. When the winds are out of the SW and the air is clear and hot, expect the winds to kick in around 2:00 and surpass the mid twenties. And the sunsets are beautiful.

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